My Second Interview

This morning, at 11am, I sat down with the president and vice-president of HomeWatch Care Givers in downtown Saint Charles. I have a good feeling about it; the interview went really well. We met for around an hour, chin wagged for a bit and discussed the details of the position.

My title would be hiring coordinator, in the Human Resources department, and I'd basically be in charge of hiring nurses for hospices, payroll and training protocol. The challenge is interesting, the office environment is laid back, the pay is decent and it's in a town that I absolutely love. I'm always up for a new challenge and I'd love to learn something new.

Now, to make matters a wee more complicated, I have another interview on Thursday morning with an online marketing agency as a content writer. Now, this particular career is more in in my field, since I was an English major and have done copywriting before. However, I'm not really sure I want to make this my career. According to a friend of mine who works for this particular company, the office environment isn't the best and the copywriting could be on subjects varying from extremely corporate bugaboo to wildly pornographic speak. Is this the sort of career I want to pursue...? I'm not entirely sure. However, the pay MIGHT be better. If they paid another five or ten thousand per year, I might be more willing to consider it.

It's just that the human resources position sounds a lot more interesting, a lot more challenging and a lot more rewarding. Furthermore, I was reminded of something that a mentor of mine told me when I was 16 and considering a career as a full-time musician: "Well, that sounds like a good idea and all, but do you really want to make your greatest passion your career...? What happens when your work starts to get to you? What happens when your work starts to stress you out? What happens when you want to forget about work for a while and suddenly have nothing to fall back on? What will your greatest passion be then?"

Do I really want to lose my writing to a career?

We'll see what happens.


  1. I'll read pretty much anything, although I don't really like sci-fi, fantasy, or political stuff. I like mystery/spy stories the best I think.

  2. It sounds like you already know what you should do if offered both positions. As long as you can pay your bills on the one that will be more rewarding, I would pass on the monetary incentive. Pride and contentment in the work you do on a daily basis is more valuable than the almighty dollar any day.

    I'll be keeping you in my prayers and hope that one works out for you!

  3. I'll keep this in my prayers Moody :)