A Good Day

Today was a good day -- a much needed good day. Don't get me wrong, it didn't start off in a bed of roses, but its finish was impeccable; the only way it could have been any better is if my love were here to share it with me.

Mondays are my mom's day off, so she was to be home all day today -- I knew I had to be away. Far and away. I can't stand being anywhere near my mom as of late; her mere presence is enough to make my blood boil inside of me. Her mere presence is enough to send me into a state of hysterics. Her mere presence is enough to ruin a perfect day. She has nothing short of a toxic personality and I wasn't going to let her fumes poison this glorious Monday.

So, without any direction, without any plan, without any place to go or be, I got in my car and drove off. Whilst cruising around, with the windows down, to Peter Gabriel's Secret World Live double album, I decided to get some essential chores done: I emptied my change jar and deposited over $30 of coinage into my checking account, went to the post office and changed my forwarding address and then headed over to the Village Grind, a little mom and pop coffee shop in downtown Oswego.

After a small iced mocha and a home-baked chocolate chip cookie, I decided that I'm never going to Starbucks again.

The atmosphere inside was tremendous -- there are five different rooms that are connected in this shop, with homemade nick-nacks that are for sale decorating the walls. The floors are all hardwood and the shop is dimly lit, to make for a homey, comforting latte-sipping experience. I sat at a table in the corner with my coffee and biscuit, re-reading the Book of Ruth and watching the other patrons around me enjoy their beverages. I reasoned that this shop would be my new office space away from my office -- what better place to get some writing done?

Afterward, I headed out to the pool, despite today being my day off as well. Inside of the pool's clubhouse there is a small, makeshift workout room -- it has an elliptical, a couple treadmills, an exercise bike, some free weights and a couple machines that, at the very least, will make you feel like you have the resources to get a decent workout available. After running on the elliptical for half of an hour and burning a little over 240 calories, I swam for another half of an hour. If I do that everyday (which I am more than capable of, seeing as how I'll be there everyday this summer), I imagine I'll be looking a bit leaner by the end of the summer.

Now I'm going to segues to my next point:

To help me monitor my progress, I am going to post a new picture everyday on [ the drew ]. I've seen this done before and it has the potential to be pretty cool. The "photo-a-day" projects that I've seen are usually, at the very least, interesting. Granted, all of you out there in Reader Land will only be able to see my progress by seeing my face, but hopefully you'll be seeing my face grow slimmer and slimmer as the summer progresses.

And so we begin:

Come to think of it, after seeing this picture, perhaps I should invest in Rogaine so's that I can get rid of that empty space underneath my nose where my mustache should meet.

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