My 372 Books...

...won't fit on my two bookshelves. So, I have decided I am going to build my own bookshelf that will, hopefully, be light, compact and easy to move. The difficult thing, though, is that this mobile bookshelf will need to be able to contain 372 books, or at least a considerably sized portion of that.

Here are some designs I have been looking at and considering:

This design seems to be incredibly doable. All one needs is a sheet of plywood, seven long boards, a top, a support and enough wood for shelving. In fact, this design could also be sectioned into three units, making it easier to move. When set up again, the three units could then be pieced back together.

This may very well be the easiest design to build and most aesthetically pleasing. This sort of shelving can be made with, say, five 2x6 boards and fifteen shelving supports: drill the supports into your wall as five rows of three supports, space them maybe a foot apart vertically, three feet apart horizontally and simply lay the 2x6 board across the three supports. Simple.

One could also very easily make this sort of shelving illusory by making it appear books are "floating" on the wall. If one has a eggshell white wall, paint your shelves and supporting arms eggshell white; if one has a maroon wall, paint your shelves and supporting arms maroon. The arms and shelves will simply blend in with the wall, giving the illusion of books being suspended in mid-air, or glued to the wall.

This isn't quite what I'm looking for, but I definitely see the value in it. Maybe when I have a reading room/office, I'll build one of these and place it next to my reading chair... Ahhh, simpler times.

Again, a very simple design. The only tricky part would be deciding what sort of fabric design I should use to decorate the inside of it... Plus, this won't fit anywhere near the amount that I'd need it to fit.

If I ever bought a home, I would LOVE to have this in my closet...

Finally, this design is my absolute favorite. It's merely a fantasy of mine, I know... It's incredibly unrealistic, probably expensive and, obviously, immobile. But when I buy a house of my own and have my own library/office, you better believe this design is what's going to dominate one of its walls.


  1. I say you should build the second one.
    And that last one is definitely pretty cool.

  2. I want them all!!! I've always wanted a huge library with the ladder and everything, but these are far cooler. Unfortunately, I'm thinking I'll need a few more years to expand my library before I could ever fill any of those...

  3. the last one you can get at ikea