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I have been writing in my journal much lately, a sort of feeble attempt to record my daily life. That is the reason I have not been posting on my blog at all. So, to keep my readership up to speed, I have decided that I am going to copy my journal entries here.

Now, reader be warned -- these are my personal journal entries. They are unedited, unrevised, and uninhibited. They are uncomfortable at times, overzealous at times, and completely ambiguous at times. But they are me.

So I'm going to start at the beginning, which only takes us back a few weeks:

It has been a full seven months since my last entry. I'm really no good at maintaining a personal journal. It's embarrassing, really. How difficult can it possibly be just to do a wee bit of writing everyday? I think I'm just too lazy. That needs to change.

An awful lot has changed since January... Let's recap:
  • I am now living with Joshua Riley in Bradley, Illinois. That move came in June
  • I broke up with Megan in March. That decision led to three months of heartache and regret, until I emailed her in July to apologize
  • I conquered a 17 year old goal and went on holiday to Ireland in July. I fell in even deeper love with the place and have been homesick for it ever since
  • I was hired in July at a local coffee shop called Higher Grounds as an event coordinator and barista. As usual, I love the job but can't stand the management. Maybe I just have a problem with authority
  • My love life is... All over the place. Right now I've got four women interested in me, but only two of them are possibilities for me—Megan, and a girl from Ireland named Sarah Duggan. Now that I'm working at a coffee shop and dealing with attractive women on a daily basis, I don't know if Megan or Sarah are the right ones to pursue
  • I have a new best friend. His name is Aaron and I love this guy dearly. Unfortunately, for me anyway, almost as soon as I met him, he moved off to Chicago to enroll in seminary. However, we're such good friends already that he told me he'd like me to move in with him. Now it's a matter of finding a job there so I can move
  • There is a demon living in my new house and it is trying to kill me
Now, obviously, these are all topics that need fleshing out, but I'd rather keep this entry purely re-introductory, just until I get back in the swing of writing everyday.

That's my main objective with this entry.

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