Mixtape #12: Venti: Chill Songs for Smooth Roasts

This mix was inspired by my new friend, Coffee Shop Girl (or as I now know her to be called, Amanda). The Village Grind (the cafe she works at and I frequent) plays absolutely horrendous music and she was told that some of the songs she was bringing in were too "rock and roll." I took it upon myself to create a mix of mellower songs for the shop, that she could play over the speakers while working. If the owner doesn't allow for that, I'll still have the playlist on my iPod!

With SO many mellow, acoustic songs in my collection to choose from, this mixtape proved to be a difficult one to compile. However, I think I've arrived at a pretty good collection of songs suitable for sipping coffee. At any rate, here is the final track listing for my latest mixtape, Venti: Chill Songs for Smooth Roasts:

(DISCLAIMER: I know "venti" is Italian for "twenty" and that there are actually 21 songs on this mix, but I just had an absolute dickens of a time trying to figure out which one song to cut. I decided I'd leave the 21st song on here -- for irony's sake, if nothing else.)

1) I Was Young When I Left Home - Antony and the Johnsons
2) Gold - Interference
3) A Few Honest Words - Ben Sollee
4) I Keep Faith - Billy Bragg
5) Everybody's Talkin' - Bobby Bare
6) Lay Me Down - The Frames
7) Ooh La La - Faces
8) Ghosts - Mark Geary
9) So Far Around the Bend - The National
10) You and I - Wilco (with Feist)
11) The Greatest - Cat Power
12) Heather, Remind Me How This Ends - Dolorean
13) Lord, Save Me from Myself - Jon Foreman
14) Something Else - Gary Jules
15) Dogs - Damien Rice
16) One of These Things First - Nick Drake
17) For Emma - Bon Iver
18) Decatur, or, a Round of Applause for Your Stepmother - Sufjan Stevens
19) At the Hop - Devendra Banhart
20) Dark As the Night - Doug Burr
21) Fresh Feeling - Eels

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