My Financial Disaster

Guys, I am in financial dire straits.

As many of you know, I have been unemployed since January, when I was laid off from my job in DeKalb. Sure, I worked over the summer at the swimming pool and eventually moved to home to save up money, but guess what -- somehow, the third part of that statement never happened. All of the money I made from the swimming pool? Gone. Then, of course, I got a random job, pulling rocks out of a pond at an apartment complex in Elk Grove Village. All of the money I made from that? I haven't even received it yet (yes, that job ended a month ago)!

This past Friday, I learned that my checking account was $180 overdrawn -- pretty bad. Today, I learned that my checking account is now $234 overdrawn -- even worse. Oh yes -- I also learned that my cell phone bill is $389! How did that happen? I can't even imagine. You better believe I'm going to fight that as much as I can. The good news is that I put my Sallie Mae student loan on a forebearance that lasts until November. The bad news is that when November rolls around, they're going to send me a $500 bill. Awesome.

I'm hoping my unemployment will be able to cover a lot of this -- I'm just going to have to stretch my payments out and make every dime count. That means The Drew will not be buying second hand books anytime soon.

Everyone, I need you all to be in prayer as much as I will be in prayer this week. I'm up for a position with the Chicago Dental Society Foundation as an assistant to their director of marketing. While this job won't solve all my problems, it will definitely help. Their board of directors will be meeting this week to discuss the position and conduct interviews. I am hoping and praying and believing I will not only be given a call, but will be hired.

If not... Well. I won't believe it.

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  1. I'll be praying for you!!! He will always provide, never forget that. It is out there and it's just a matter of time. Believe me. I'm just beginning to see a light outside of my own tunnel.