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As is indicative by the picture, I am quite sleepy. Today was the day from hell, and here I was thinking it was going to be wonderful.

I stayed up late with Megan last night, discussing the state of our relationship. Don't worry, everyone -- all is well and all will be better. But, every now and then, couples need to have that conversation, just to make sure both parties are heading towards the same destination. We both have issues we need to work on, and last night's conversation was a good way to highlight some of said issues.

I went to bed feeling good about what the next day would bring, but was in for a surprise.

To preface this story, I need to backtrack a bit further than my conversation with Megan: last night, I went to Jeff and Meggie's house for dinner and pipes and conversation. While there, Meggie started protesting the fact that she wouldn't be able to apply for a job the next day because she wouldn't have enough time to get all of the appropriate materials together. I asked her what job she was talking about, and she told me that Naperville Public Library is hiring for a shelving supervisor, but has an application deadline of 5pm on July 22. I reasoned that I would apply for that job.

That brings us up to speed.

So, this morning, I sat down at Lappy and spent the better part of four hours retyping my resume and cover letter so that it would be customized specifically for this job. I got everything together and, when trying to print all my materials up, realized that my printer wasn't working. Frustrating, but not a big deal -- I could save everything to a flash drive and have it printed up at a printer. Guess what -- can't find my flash drive anywhere. A little frustration builds, but not biggie -- I could save the three files (my resume, cover letter and reference sheet) to a DVD.

Mission accomplished.

The next step was gathering it all together, putting it in order and taking it to the library to apply in person. Now, one of the other materials required for this position was proof of highest level of education. So, since I graduated college with a BA, I either needed my diploma or transcripts. I went downstairs to my bedroom to find my diploma and, guess what -- I can't find it anywhere. It is nowhere to be found. At this point, I am getting really frustrated -- it's closing in on 1:30pm and I don't have ANY of the materials put together yet! After searching for 45 minutes, I freak out and give up. Of course, that happened after one of the dogs ran away. I spent another 15 minutes getting him back into the house.

Awesome. Time is just slipping away.

My only option was to drive all the way to DeKalb, have a copy of my transcript printed up, go to Copy Service and print my resume materials up, then drive all the way out to Naperville. It was 1:45 when I left Yorkville and all this driving added up to be around three and a half hours on the road.

There was no way in hell I was going to get everything turned in on time.

But here's the miraculous part -- I did get everything turned in on time. I hit every green light on the way there, I sped on I-88 and the police pulled over the people in front and back of me and there were no lines at Copy Service or at Williston Hall.

On the way to Naperville, I called the library's human resources department to make sure I had everything I needed organized and was informed that I still needed to fill out the library's application. That, according to the woman I spoke with, was probably the most important document of the bunch. But she informed that I could download the application from the library's website, fill it out and fax everything directly to her.

Mazel tov!

So, everything worked out. Megan coached me through the whole ordeal and kept encouraging me that everything would be fine. Sometimes, I need to hear the simplest words of wisdom to keep my cool, and she provided that. Mmmm. I really like that girl.

Now, a lot of you may be thinking that this seems like a lot of work just for a job. But, 1) I need a job, 2) in today's economy, I need to do whatever it takes to get a job, and 3) I want this particular job more than I've ever wanted any other job in my life.

I love books. I have a passion for books. I was an English major at NIU because I wanted to spend the rest of my life working with books, whether I was printing them, editing them, writing them, teaching from them or shelving them in a store or a library. Books are my utmost passion. You should see my personal collection sometime if you don't believe me!

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  1. You went to NIU, eh? I remember watching everything on the news that day when those shootings happened. Were you there then? I think it was last year.
    And good luck with the job.