Vienna 2

I got to see an old friend, Ashton, today, at the Pedal & Spoke in Batavia.

I've been considering getting a new bicycle, as Bruce Wayne just isn't cutting it anymore. For those of you who don't know (which, I'm imagining is all of you), Bruce Wayne is my 2008 Trek Soho.

I love Bruce -- he's been a really good riding companion, but the problem with Bruce is that he can't really go long distances; not as far as I'd like him to be able to go anyway. He sticks with me for about 10 or so miles, but only if there's no hills or gravel or any other obstruction that makes for a more treacherous journey. He is a single speed commuting bicycle and that personality flaw really restricts me from doing many of the things I want to do (like going 30 miles on a trail, for instance).

Worst of all, Bruce is a fragile guy and is unable to handle anything that isn't pavement. So that, of course, means we can't explore any area with gravel, dirt, grass, mud or... Well, anything that's not pavement.

I've been looking more and more into hybrid bicycles -- bikes that can handle both road and, to a certain extent, off-road riding.

(this is the part where Ashton comes in)

I was looking at the Trek 7500, 7200 and 7000, because, for all intents and purposes, I am a Trek guy. Ashton, however, told me that I should check out the Vienna 2. Today, I got to head over to the Pedal & Spoke to check it out and take it for a spin, down the Fox River Trail.

What a fantastic bicycle.

It was a smooth ride, it was an easy ride and it was a speedy ride. I biked about 5 miles in a little under 15 minutes, which is pretty good for a chubster like me!

And, as you can see, it's a fantastic looking bicycle! Shiny black finish instead of the matte of the Soho (which, I don't mind -- the matte is nice), curved top tube, saddle shocks, low, but adjustable stem...

I'm definitely considering getting the Vienna 2 -- next time I go there, though, I'd like to try the Vienna 3.

Just to be sure.

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